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Roof Service and Repair

Wells Roofing Inc. understands that protecting your roof is a long term commitment. No matter the type of structure you own in the Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia, the roof is an extremely important part of your investment. Wells can help you at any time in the life of your roof – from preliminary analytical inspections to ongoing roof maintenance and care programs and end-of-life restoration. When left uncurbed, roofing system structural components can fail early and shorten a roof’s service life.

From on-demand roof repair services to budgeted preventative care programs, our trained roofing professionals in coordination with our proven procedures and systems mean we can efficiently maintain a variety of roofing systems – including yours!

Solve Your Roof Problem Before It Gets Larger!

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  • Missing shingle replacement

  • Pipe boot replacement

  • Flashing Replacement

  • Fascia metal replacement

  • Metal repairs

  • Flat roof repairs

  • Emergency service calls (leaks)